Bruno Felix

Bruno Felix co-founded Submarine, one of the leading transmedia production companies from the Netherlands, with Femke Wolting in 2000.  Spanning film, animation, non-fiction and interactive genres, Submarine boasts a roster of award-winning productions created in collaboration with an extensive network of international creatives. Bruno Felix seeks to push the boundaries of visual culture with projects that exploit new forms of storytelling, such as the ground-breaking animated documentary My Second Life or the transmedia experience Collapsus. He has worked with renowned directors such as Douglas Gayeton, Tommy Pallotta and Peter Greenaway. Previously, Bruno was responsible for developing a new media strategy for Dutch Public broadcaster VPRO and was Director of VPRO Digital, a media research lab exploring the influence of digital technology on production and consumption of diverse media formats.

Submarine has also created, an online channel that pushes the boundaries of media to create beautiful hybrid projects. Whether it’s bringing a graphic novel to life on screen, redefining the web documentary format with its MiniMovies project, exploring the creative possibilities of interactive animation, or creating a website dedicated to the art of film title design.

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