Han Hoogerbrugge

“I like neurotic people, I think they are sexy”. It is this simple, wry fascination with human complexity that lies behind the wildly popular, distinctively offbeat animations of prolific Dutch artist Han Hoogerbrugge. With his origins firmly rooted in analog, hand-drawn character animation, the proliferation of digital tools in the mid-90s opened a new world of possibility to Hoogerbrugge. Experimenting with the boundaries of interactive, electronic publishing, he has since developed a vast body of globally-revered work encompassing a broad range of mediums – from the music video for Love etc by Pet Shop Boys, to a series of sumptuous coffee table books like Modern Living, to the globally-lauded interactive cartoon Hotel for Submarine Channel.

His latest production together with Sander van der Vegte is the crazy multiplayer racing game FLX.

In FLX., each player controls (via keyboard or Xbox Kinekt) a character that is physically connected to three other characters by means of an elastic band. Thus players are forced to collaborate without any possible means of oral or written communication in order to navigate through a white space where they are hindered by the oddest of obstacles. Like playing poker, the non-verbal communication of your players is the only form of communication. FLX. is a fun and social game that is best played using the Xbox’ Kinect motion control system.