Sander van der Vegte

The incredible self-taught megabot Sander van der Vegte is a rare gem in the world of interactive talent: a game designer who’s repertoire spans everything from board games to multi-million dollar Xbox and PlayStation projects. Mildly obsessed with core game mechanics and balance, he is the brains behind critically acclaimed and multiple award-winning Rocket Riot and Gatling Gears, both of which are available across several platforms. So skilled and multifarious is our Sander that he has completed entire game productions 100% on his lonesome – making clients like Disney, Microsoft and Sony very happy bunnies.

His latest production together with Han Hoogerbrugge is the crazy multiplayer racing game FLX.

In FLX., each player controls (via keyboard or Xbox Kinekt) a character that is physically connected to three other characters by means of an elastic band. Thus players are forced to collaborate without any possible means of oral or written communication in order to navigate through a white space where they are hindered by the oddest of obstacles. Like playing poker, the non-verbal communication of your players is the only form of communication. FLX. is a fun and social game that is best played using the Xbox’ Kinect motion control system.