Tommy Pallotta

American director-producer Tommy Pallotta is perhaps best known for his cross-genre feature A Scanner Darkly, starring Keanu Reaves and directed by Richard Linklater, which identified him as a visionary creative, fusing new technologies with filmmaking, animation and interactivity. With over twenty years of experience in groundbreaking Hollywood productions and interactive direction for Microsoft and Xbox, Tommy is a strong partner on the directorial board of SubLA.

As producer of animated shorts such as Snack and Drink which is now part of a permanent collection at New York’s MOMA, he gained multiple awards and global recognition, before moving on to the first music video to use machinima technology, and a breakthrough rotoscoped video, both for the band Zero 7.

Tommy’s latest productions, Collapsus and Who is Cobalt, signals new experiences in cross-media storytelling; combines interactivity with animation, fiction, documentary and social media.