14 April 2015 • 

Last Hijack, an interactive documentary produced by Submarine Channel, won an Emmy Award for best online production in the non-fiction category in Cannes last night. Last Hijack Interactive is an online documentary, allowing the viewer to experience the hijack of a ship in Somali waters, switching at will between the perspective of the Somali pirate and the English captain who is kidnapped.


Last Hijack consists of a film and an online production, directed by Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta. The film premiered at the Berlinale earlier this year and has been shown at festivals all over the world. This Submarine production is now being shown in the United States, both in cinemas and on iTunes, Netflix and many other Video on Demand platforms. The online documentary has already won international awards, including the Prix Europa.

Interactive documentary
Experience the dark world of piracy in Somalia through the eyes of a pirate and a captain. The pirate and the captain talk about their experiences, but their family, journalists, lawyers and negotiators both in Somalia and in the West also talk about the rise and fall of Somali piracy. The combination of live action film and animation allows the user to follow these people’s stories all the way to the hijack and the resulting aftermath.

Written & directed by – Tommy Palotta & Femke Wolting

Produced by- Bruno Felix & Femke Wolting

Co-producer – Gerard Meixner & Roman Paul

Interactive Director – Mirka Duijn

Research & Interviews – Jamal Osman

DOP – Ahmed Farah

The film
Last Hijack is a true story about survival in Somalia, from the perspective of 32 year old pirate Mohamed. In a mix of animation and documentary, the film gives a dramatic insight into the way in which this Somali pirate has got caught up in this dangerous life. Animations of Mohamed’s memories, fears and dreams form a visual complement and contrast with the raw images of his daily life.

Submarine Channel

SubmarineChannel.com is an international distribution and production platform for creative and innovative digital media productions, from digital (short) films and online games to interactive comics, animations, online documentaries and transmedia productions. Submarine Channel is part of the Amsterdam-based production company Submarine, founded by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting.

Last Hijack Interactive is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with Razor Film (Germany), ZDF (Germany), and IKON (The Netherlands), made possible by the Creative Industries Fund, the city of Amsterdam, the Media Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund.

Last Hijack is an international co-production by Submarine in co-production with Still Films (Ireland), Razor Film (Germany), Savage Film (Belgium), IKON (The Netherlands) and ZDF (Germany). The film was made possible by funding from The Irish Filmboard, the Media Programme of the European Union, Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the Dutch Media Fund and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.