Femke Wolting will be pitching the film ‘Forget The Film, Watch The Titles’ at the Meet Market of Sheffield International Documentary Festival

21 October 0201 • 

Co-founder of Submarine and producer Femke Wolting will be pitching this film at the Meet Market, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, November 4 & 5.

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles is a documentary about the fascinating world of movie title sequences and their creators, with the enigmatic master of his genre Kyle Cooper, in the lead role. What was once a niche industry, has developed into a highly competitive business, where bleeding-edge movie visuals are born. This documentary takes the viewer on a visually spellbinding exploration of the history and future of movie titles, addressing the central question: Is title design the new avant-garde of filmmaking?

Submarine?s website Forget the Film, Watch the Titles features over 150 of the best titles from around the world and presents the titles along with designer profiles and Making Of info. The site was first and foremost set up to pay tribute to the designers who have create some of the most beautiful, interesting, exciting film title sequences: www.watchthetitles.com