3 June 2015 • 

On June 2nd, the day that Leipzig commemorates 1000 years of sports in the city, Submarine Channel and co-producer MiriquidiFilm have launched the German language version of  their idoc Who Are The Champions? Who Are The Champions? is an interactive web documentary investigating the social, economic and cultural impact that FIFA World Cups have on people living and working in immediate vicinity of a stadium. In Leipzig, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro we collected twelve very personal stories in each city. Combined, these stories paint a unique picture of what happened around three major stadiums in the weeks and months leading up to the World Cup (Rio de Janeiro) and how people are looking back at the event several years after (Leipzig and Johannesburg).


Creatively mixing audio stories, written stories, street photography, Google Street View, Google Maps, and news stories from the archive of newspapers the idoc offers an intriguing insight into the effects of a major sports event like the FIFA World Cup on people’s lives. Who are the real winners of the World Cup?


You can navigate through the website in different ways. You can watch all stories after each other or just go to the story of your choice by clicking on the pictures in the map or in the section at the bottom of your screen. Within the audio and text stories you will see the related news articles and related stories from the other cities. By clicking on ‘Articles’ you will see an overview of all articles. Each story can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Who are the Champions? is a Submarine Channel production in co-production with Dutch newspaper NRC and Miriquidifilm and made possible with financial funds from het Netherlands Film Fund, Fonds 21, Open Woorden – Dutch Cultural Media Fund,, SLM, Creative Industries Fund and the City of Amsterdam.


For press inquiries please find all contact information on the ‘press’ page at the projects website: A German press release and English press kit is available to download there.