Submarine Channel presents a special 2Pause production @ Lowlands Music Festival: New Psychedelica in Music Videos

18 August 2011 • 

Screening on Sunday, 21st August, in the Echo Tent at 21:40

After last years sold-out screening of Forget the Film, Watch the Titles, Submarine Channel presents a tribute to psychedelic music at the 2011 edition of Lowlands Music Festival. No old school videos here because this brand new trend in visual culture stems from the latest animation techniques and the modern-day revival of 60’s psychedelic art with roots in pop culture.

Open the secret doors to your subconscious with this bedazzling selection: from semi-abstract dream videos to pounding techno psychadelia and surreal mash-ups of stop-motion madness. In short, a selection that will make your eyeballs jump out of their sockets. Last year?s Submarine Channel screening at Lowlands Music Festival was sold-out.

2Pause – Freezing music video culture is an online collection featuring a selection of the most original and innovative music videos from 2006 until now. Music channels on TV devote less airtime for remarkable music videos while a search on the Internet is often long and tedious. 2Pause is a platform devoted to showcasing the very best in music videos. It offers a unique insight into the current music video scene ? traditionally, a fertile breeding ground for unique and visionary directors showcasing a wide array of visual styles and new techniques. For acclaimed directors such as Spike Jonze, Baz Luhrmann and Michel Gondry, music video direction marked the starting point of their respective success in the film world.