Mission: Impossible – Who is Cobalt

Interactive online experience for Paramount’s latest film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Who is Cobalt, is a groundbreaking personalized animated experience that places you and your friends inside the story. The interactive video uses Facebook connect to personalizes a movie experience that is unique for each user. It offers viewers an innovative new way to immerse themselves in the franchise and release of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The interactive video is directed by Tommy Pallotta and animated in the same style that he co-developed on his past films, A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life. Who Is Cobalt places you and your friends in a highly stylized world where you must help Ethan Hunt find the identity of a terrorist trying use a nuclear launch device. ”The coolest thing about the experience is that it renders animated versions of you and your friends within the story. You can even post the “tooned” version of your profile pic and share with others,” says director Tommy Pallotta.